So last year I created a mixed media piece entitled Soar. This Artwork included a woman of wisdom and it’s turned out to be one of my bestsellers. I’m so grateful for the message that she carries. Here’s the story…

I had an idea to create a woman of wisdom who had overcome her fears through trusting in God.

In my own life I’d had a tough year with my two children and their schooling, they both had specific needs that weren’t being met in the school environment and as a result I was starting to watch them fade in front of me. We tried and tried to make it work but in the end our family was in total crisis. My husband, Adam, and I were crying out to God for a solution.

In our searching for alternatives I’d made some connections with people who were home educating their children and after Adam and I had researched it thoroughly, we prayerfully agreed that this was something we were being called to do.

There was just one problem… I was terrified!!!

I had so many fears and It took a while to get over them but in the end it came down to making up my mind, did I trust God or not?

I knew that I should take this leap of faith and jump in, and it was from living through this that the idea for creating Soar took place.


I hit Hobby craft and picked up some beautiful papers and embellishments! I decided my woman of worth was going to have spiritual wings. These wings were a gift from God that she’d have no idea about, until she jumped to symbolise his constant provision.

I wanted to give her a crown of flowers too, I use flowers a lot in my work to symbolise growth, but she needed a crown for her bravery, because lets be honest, even with God on your side, it takes guts to jump!

I was also going to surround her with butterfly’s, because I love the idea that originally, this winged beauty had once been a tiny caterpillar with no idea what the future held.


So here she is! I am so happy with how she turned out. This piece is just what I wanted. During the creative process I decided that I would white wash my background to help this woman of wisdom to really pop! Then just layered my wording over the top. The sticker letters that I used on her dress were not very sticky so I used a heavy structure medium to create a stronger bond. But all in all I’m thrilled with her.

Soar has now been made available to buy as a greeting card, 10″x 8″ print, tote bag and journal. You can buy one here: SOAR PRODUCTS


Is the message of Soar in the bible?

Absolutely! We see people in the bible all the time being hesitant to jump into their calling.

Gideon wanted reassurance

And Jonah ran away

Even Jesus asks God to take what was being asked of him away before submitting to his will.

And in the verses found in  Phillipians 4: 6 and 7 we see Paul encouraging us to stop worrying, To pray and receive his peace. And that’s exactly what happened to me in my story. I decided to take the leap, to pray and trust God in what he was leading me to do and as soon as I sent in the letters to inform the local authority that we would be home educating our kids, I felt peace, there is no other way to describe it. I was just peaceful!

It’s not always easy and sometimes I wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew but still, to this day I believe it was the best decision for our family.

My Father in heaven

Thank you for loving me!

Thank you for caring about my life

And never leaving me.

Let me feel you close by, when I’m afraid.

Please help me to trust in you more

And guide me so I know which things you are leading me to,

Father I love that when we come to you, we can receive your peace.

Help all the people, who are out there today, and being prompted to jump into something new, to go for it, so that one day they might even soar!


Thanks for reading, Love Leanna Ellena x


Don’t be tempted by the Shiny Apple

It will be two years in August since I wrote this. It’s a blog post that came about during the time I was told I would be treated for Bipolar disorder for the rest of my life. My trial without medication had failed and I was as unwell again, It was a blow to say the least.

The truth is that sometimes in life we suffer huge blows that only God understands. Praying it away isn’t working, faith for a miracle just feels like the stuff of fairy tales, and if one more person tells me God will turn this situation for good, so help me, I’ll!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe in prayer, miracles and God turning our sorrows for good but sometimes, the cold truth of it is that suffering continues, it carries on and on and we have to live with it daily, despite our trust in a good God. It was at this time that I asked God “how do I make sense of this?” here’s what happened:

Don’t be tempted by the shiny apple


By Leanna Ellena, Aug 17 2016 09:18PM

What makes a good testimony?
So my Mum once commented on her observation that most people will share their testimony in church when they are at the end of it, that she has heard many wonderful stories of how God helped someone get through a really difficult time, but rarely do people stand up and say today I’m having to remain faithful when it comes to my prayer for a breakthrough, nobody likes to say out loud that God hasn’t given the answer yet. And so I ask the question…Shout

Testimony Time
So with this in mind I want to explain to you that I’m currently working my way out of one of life’s big set backs. It’s still very much a difficult time for me and my family and to be honest with you it’s not always been easy to trust a God who seems to have gone back on his word or vanished at a time when I needed to feel his presence the most. I’m able to share with you that lately I have felt angry, confused and at times abandoned by God, wondering where the blessings lie in the middle of my mess.

As I glance to the left and right, as I sit in the pews on a typical Sunday morning I realise that I’m not alone, many of the people I fellowship with have faced their own challenging situations some are still facing their own big life setbacks today, alongside me. That is why I feel it’s important to blog about faith in the hardest times.

…I needed a Revelation
and so I went for a drive, I needed to collect some vinyl for work, and it was a two hour round trip. Deep down I wondered what revelation I needed in order to carry on with God, I wondered how I start trusting completely in his love after this situation seemed to threaten my faith in him.

Here’s what I felt

The Gospel of grace (good news of Jesus Christ) is truth! In that… There is a God, he loves me and he sent Jesus to die on the cross for me.

The Gospel of grace is truth! In that… I’m free, loved, righteous and healed by his stripes (same as any other believer.)

In accepting the Gospel of grace I go back to the beginning, to the Garden of Eden, so like Adam and Eve, I am living out an existence where I’m in relationship with the one true God.

My reality today is that my situation doesn’t fully add up, I don’t know why things are the way they are and I wonder if I’ll ever fully understand this.

Which basically means I have gone full circle

If I want to go back to that garden, living life in true relationship with God, I’ll have to accept the tree of knowledge is still their too, with it’s fruit in full bloom. It was intentionally placed there.

You see the Gospel, the one he designed! It aims to set the captives free, so that his people may reign in life.

And so I guess what God’s suggestion to me is…

That I don’t eat this apple (don’t stress, worry or concern myself with WHY)

That apple is not for me.

Instead, I choose to be content with the fact that I don’t understand everything, but he does. It’s a big ask! a desire to have all the knowledge was an issue for Adam and Eve, and God sees it’s an issue for me today.Romans

I have concluded that to be content with not understanding everything is to fully know Jesus, accept his peace and truly reign in life!!!

Still fighting the good fight of faith

And I’m still very much “getting there” to be honest. Today I simply dare to whisper that God is good despite my circumstances.

My fight is about learning to leave that apple alone, however shiny and tempting it seems. my problem is just a bit of fruit that looks appealing but isn’t good for me, I’m not to even taste it, let alone try to chew on it or digest it.

So if your facing your own set back today and wonder where is a loving God in all of this?

I’m writing today, only to say…

I know, I really do get it, I understand how hard it is and God bless you.

Love Leanna Ellena xx

Home Ed- One year on

So it’s that time already, we are one year into Home ed and boy has it gone fast! There was a time when I couldn’t imagine the reality of having my children home from school for a whole year but I guess circumstances in life have a funny way of surprising us sometimes.

As always I thought I’d get my thoughts down in my blog so here’s my first ever home ed annual review

What have been some of your highlights in the past year?
I have enjoyed watching my children return to the people they once were before they entered the school system, to see them relax and enjoy the freedom that comes with this lifestyle. In some ways they have regressed back into being children again and in other ways I’ve seen them striving to become more mature and independent, working off their own initiative. Watching them re-learn the art of playing has been a joy to watch as well as seeing them tune into themselves, discovering more about who God has created them to be as individuals.

Where have you seen the most progress in this first year?
My kids are now starting to be in partnership with me in their learning journeys. They have always had a say in what they learn about but are now starting to exercise that, and I love it.
Specifically my daughter couldn’t bear to make mistakes when we started out and would avoid doing anything that she didn’t think she could do well at in the first attempt, and my son was really struggling to identify with his emotions and so he was having daily meltdowns but I’m glad to say they have both made huge progress in these area’s.

Have their been any surprises along the way?
I had in my head all sorts of ideas about what home education might be like before I started. One fear I had was that we would be home all the time and I might feel lonely and maybe a little isolated but I’ve been surprised how often we are out of the house and how many people there are in the home education community to meet up with. The reality has been the total opposite to what I was afraid of and sometimes I need to schedule in some more time to just be at home.

Are there any down sides to your new life as a home educator?
Yes of course there are, nothing is perfect. One downside is that I would do so much more with the children if I had loads of money, I’d love to show them the world by flying them to different countries and I dream about setting up a resources centre for them to enjoy with their friends, if I could just win the lottery lol… but luckily Home education can be as cheap or expensive as you need it to be. Another problem I found was that I needed to create specific times for myself, some “me time” if you like, and purposely write that into our schedule because school had been naturally providing that beforehand.

So no regret’s?
Only that we didn’t do it sooner!

What are your hopes for your second year of home education?
by next year I hope my children will still be as happy with our choice to home educate. My son will have explored the option to start attending college one day a week to sit his G.C.S.E’s and decided if that’s something he’d like to do or not. And my daughter has told me she’d like to be able to play Piano better and speak some Italian by next year and I’m happy to support her in both of those dreams. For me I’d like to see my business’s grow to help support our family and the lifestyle we’ve chosen.

And finally, What would you say to someone who’s just starting out?
I’d say go for it and follow your gut instincts as their parent, you really do know your child best. Relax and enjoy yourselves because you’ve got this!

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the people who have read this blog and followed our journey over this past year. Having regular blog readers means so much to me and encourages me to continue with my love of writing. Here are some of our highlights from the past year.

Love Leanna Ellena x

Family matters

Today I was a proud Mum! For the last week My daughter who is home educated has been working on a project. It’s not the kind of thing you get to do in schools but she was really keen to plan and host her own party, and so it was my job to remind her of all the elements that are involved and ferry her around to the shops she needed to go to and help her to put all the different parts together and so finally today (Wednesday, 28th March) was the big day. This party has taught her so much…

She had demonstrated her skills in planning ahead, invested some of her money and worked to a budget, made decorations, researched games, written lists, hidden clues, invited people and prepared food, among other things.

I’m glad to say it was a real success, the ages were as varied as the outfits (some partied in pretty dresses and others arrived without shoes, whilst my son spent the duration in the comfort of his PJ’s)  We had fun planting seeds and smashing the life out of a piñata and of course their was the all important Easter egg hunt!

But it was whilst the Mums were sat sipping their teas and having a catch up that an all familiar topic came up in the conversation.

“How has your family reacted to your decision to home educate?”

It’s really quite popular at home education meet ups to discuss this among the group and although I’ve been home edding for under a year I’ve already heard many stories of how relatives (and sometimes friends) have reacted, some were good and others not so good but sadly some have shocked me beyond belief..

So with this in mind, I thought I’d write this blog today and give you my five top tips on how you can best support a home educating family…

  1. If you have questions, do a little research.

My Nan had honestly never even heard of home educating when I told her, she asked me if it was legal and when I told her it was she seemed happy enough and we left it there but it was when she informed me of a celebrity that was doing it because she had been reading some articles on the topic that I thought to myself wow if my 91 year old Nan can do a little research on Home Ed then, anyone can!

  1. If you have skills, offer them

My mother-in law has never said she was concerned with our decision to home ed, she’s always seemed to fully understand our choice and I appreciate that a lot but it was last Christmas that she invited us over to her house to do some Christmas crafts that I felt really encouraged, I knew I wasn’t alone and my children’s education could actually be a group effort. Honestly, I know people are really busy and not everyone is confident in teaching but if you have a skill try offering to teach it. It could just be a one off thing and they may even decline your offer (autonomous learners can do that sometimes!) but I know one thing and that’s that the family would really appreciate your kindness.

  1. If you have the time, give us a break.

My number one fan has always been my Mum, from day one she was enthusiastic about our choice. She has been a sitter for both my children at different times where she takes them for a few days for me and spoils them rotten with trips to the theatre, new books to bring home with them and she has even been known to carry out food tasting experiments with them, my kids love their time with her and I get quality one-on-one time with their sibling. Not forgetting the times where she has given me the break where I leave them with their dad for a few days to get some well needed rest. If you can offer this, it really is the most welcome treat you could offer any home educating parent.

  1. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

There is a member of my family who was very clear from the beginning, that they thought we were doing the wrong thing in home educating, but they have also been mature enough to keep all opinions to themselves, we simply don’t discuss it, and I’m very grateful to them for that. I knew even before I handed in our de-reg letters that not everyone would agree with our decision and to be honest I don’t expect them to as only we have lived the journey that has led us here. I would never ask anyone to agree with my decision only that they respect it!

  1. If you’re the type who does…pray

Being a practicing Christian I have another family to consider, that being my Church family. Obviously with something as large as a church your going to be calling for the opinions of even more people, and some of those people you won’t even know you that well. If you attend a church where a home educating family also attends  then whoever you are and whatever your opinion is… the best thing you can do is regularly pray for them, because that family has chosen to teach their children in a unique way, under the guidance of God, they are kingdom educators and your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

So that’s my 5. I hope you enjoyed my mutterings and so I guess all that’s left to say from me is I wish you a very happy Easter

Bless you for reading.

Love Leanna Ellena xxx

From Surviving to Thriving

Helping your children to recover from school, how to go from surviving to thriving!

I want to discuss our recovery today and how that has looked for my family in our home Ed journey. It really saddens me at how regularly I am reading posts from desperate parents who have made the tough decision to home educate their child(ren) because of their suffering from high levels of anxiety, stress and depression. Sadly it’s all too common that children are buckling under the pressure of an often unbending “teach to test” system.

My children
This was definitely true in our case. My son went up to secondary school in Sept 2016 and he was soon receiving support from our local “Emotional Well-being and Mental Health Service (EWMHS,) we also had a family solutions case worker supporting him and he received daily help from the schools learning support team and yet even with all of this in place he was still signed of by the Doctor with acute anxiety within the very first term of starting.

My daughter went to school each day petrified that teachers would tear out the pages in her work book, which was the current technique they were using at the time to promote neater work and stop children from drawing lines through their mistakes!!!

My children were at breaking point and so was I, being a practising Christian I did only what I knew to do, I dropped to my knees and I cried out to God to help my children. I wanted us all to go from surviving to thriving but I had no clue how I was going to go about that.

Soon my husband and I found ourselves believing that we were being called to home educate the children! I was terrified but before we knew it the deregistration letters were in and we had started our new life.

but it wouldn’t be easy

you see it wasn’t as simple as just starting with how I intended to proceed as an educator, I still had damaged, depressed, anxious children to help before I could even consider any kind of academic learning. Over the next weeks and months I would come to rely on three basic principles for their recovery that I’d love to share with you today, because sometimes before we can move on to what’s next, we must heal from where we have come from. And so with looking at how God helped Elijah with depression in the bible I took my principles from there.

In 1 kings 19

we read the story of a man called Elijah who is fleeing for his life, there is a woman who is set on killing him and we see that he is at the end of what he can bear when we read.

1 Kings 19:4 New International Version (NIV)

while he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness. He came to a broom bush, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. “I have had enough, Lord,” he said. “Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.”

Interestingly God responds in this way

1 Kings 19:5-7 New International Version (NIV)

Then he (Elijah) lay down under the bush and fell asleep.

All at once an angel touched him and said, “Get up and eat.” He looked around, and there by his head was some bread baked over hot coals, and a jar of water. He ate and drank and then lay down again.

The angel of the Lord came back a second time and touched him and said, “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.” So he got up and ate and drank. Strengthened by that food, he travelled forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God. There he went into a cave and spent the night.

So here are my three principles

  1. Some time in the wilderness (get some space)

The story shows us that Elijah journeyed away from who he was with and where he was to go to the wilderness, put simply he created some space for himself, For us this was some time away from all structured learning, which is commonly known in the home Ed world as deschooling. In this time I didn’t instruct my children to do anything whatsoever, for us this lasted around 7/8 months, because quite frankly they needed to recover. It felt like we were in the wilderness too. Nothing looked or felt familiar to me, education became something which felt alien, where we focused on what we needed to do to get through each day. I as their parent was discovering that learning about ourselves and our desires, our hopes and our dreams was just as important as learning times tables and correct punctuation, in fact for this period it became more important. Now we have been home educating for ten months I still find we need wilderness days, or days ‘out’ where we recover from the pain of the past.

  1. Sleep

My kids can really sleep, (so can I for that matter) once we’re out, there is little that wakes us easily, but sleep initiation has always been a huge problem for us. For years whilst attending school my children would spend half the night awake and have to be dragged out of bed for school each morning, I decided early on in our home Ed journey that sleep would take high priority, that we would trust our natural sleeping patterns in order to maximise productivity during our waking hours. Nowadays we don’t expect our children to get up early because they naturally fall asleep later and naturally get up later. I know that some people make the argument that this isn’t preparing them for work life (i.e. 9am-5pm working hours) but my response to that is that if we don’t think a parent failed a “want to be” nurse by not teaching them in shift patterns then we shouldn’t think a home Ed family is failing their child by choosing unique working hours to suit them. If in the future my children need to get up for work early I will help them with that, but for now I am trying to help my children learn in the best possible circumstances, so for us that means to start from a well rested place.

  1. Eat and drink

I love in the bible story above that God sent an angel to prepare food and water for the downcast Elijah. I have felt for a long time that my own mother is some kind of angel who always makes me incredible home cooked food, and it never fails to build me up for whatever life has next for me. Now of course I know that angels and humans in the bible are not the same but we can certainly learn from the angel in this story! Healthy home cooked food and water that will sustain our children can have a massive impact on their mental and physical well being, just as spiritual teaching can help our children’s growth too.

I must admit I am not a natural chef, I don’t find cooking enjoyable by nature but I do value it’s importance in my children’s recovery and that is why lately we have tried to focus our attention to what we are eating, the quality of that food and trying to opt for preparing it ourselves as opposed to something that was processed before we bought it. When my children went to school and I worked in a school we lived off processed food, our lives got too busy and I didn’t have the mind set to make things from scratch let along the time. Home education has meant we can learn to appreciate and educate ourselves on the food we eat as a team, the adults are as much in the process as the children are.

So for anyone who is just starting out in home Ed and you have a child/ren that are recovering from anxiety, stress or depression from school life I have this advice on where to start. Get yourselves into the wilderness for a while, prioritise getting some really good, restful sleep (whenever you can get it) and focus your efforts on preparing  some really good quality food!

Not Just for home Ed
and the thing is that the bible story I looked as was not about a home ed child. The principles that we learn here can be for anyone feeling like they are at the end of what they can cope with, it’s a lesson for all of us.

Bless you for reading

Love Leanna Ellena x

Dates, Dots and Dresses

Happy New year to all my readers!

There is something that really excites me about January, each year it’s that feeling of starting over. A brand new year with lots of possibility and challenges awaiting me. January is a good time for me to reflect on the previous year where I carefully consider the parts that will be cherished forever. I also grieve for the things that I had not planned for and I lovingly say goodbye to the things that I can’t take with me into the new year.

This time of reflection includes events, people, ideas, attitudes priorities, core beliefs among many other things. And I concluded that self awareness is crucial to this task and helps me to learn and grow to become more of the person that God planned for me to be.

It’s also a time where I think about the new happenings and beginnings, the things I intend to bring with me or adopt entirely in this new year, the things that I will be looking out for along the way as well as the life lessons I wish to impart to my incredible, watchful, young people.

Which leads me onto today’s topic. This week I did something new. I went on my first intentional self care day, it will be the first of 12 in 2018 as I have decided that this year weaved into our Home Education journey, I want to introduce my children to the subject of self care.

I don’t think this is something I can simply tell my kids to do, it’s more something I need to model to them.

In a world where we are constantly told to take action to…

do more! do more! do more!”

I want to slightly come against this notion by showing my kids that it’s probably more important to

“be you! be you! be you!”

when I was their age (around 10 and 12) I remember having no clue what I enjoyed doing or who I liked to spend time with or how I might go about relaxing. So I looked to the people around me to try and find clues about who I might want to be.

Let’s just say in my experience you can get into a right pickle when you are trying to be someone your not, so I figured that along with our English and Maths lessons, home ed trips, animal care, faith chats and all the rest I’d quite like my kids to be learning or maybe just thinking about their true selves from as early an age as possible.

So for one day each month I will do something for myself, something that is entirely for me that boosts my energy and gives me strength for the coming month.

You see I realised that my children do better when I’m functioning at my best, they are also more likely to look after themselves and grow to be authentic people that know how to keep themselves mentally, physically and spiritually well if they have had that modelled to them.

so here’s how it works

I ask myself…

  1. If you could take yourself on a date where would it be?
  2. would you like to share that date with another person, if so who would you invite along?
  3. Check there is a day that suits everyone involved (including having someone there for the kids.)
  4. Write that date down in the diary and notice if just the idea of it makes you feel happy and excited!

Some of the dates I have in mind include

  1. An outdoor photography trip with my 3 dogs.
  2. A Christian women’s conference day with a friend.
  3. An arts and crafts exhibition, with my mum.
  4. A spa day with the hubby.
  5. A day with a friend, catching up on the latest.
  6. A trip to Centre Parcs with my gorgeous daughter (ok its more than a day but quality girls time is crucial)
  7. An art day in an empty house , all alone, with only dogs for company.

I’m sure I’ll make more as the year continues. These ideas possibly would have happened anyway this year, the only difference is that I’m being intentional about it and it’ serves a purpose.

This month I decided to visit the dressing room at polka Dots & petticoats. I’ve put on a lot of weight lately due to medication I take and I had been feeling really rubbish about myself. So I took my most honest shopping partner (my beautiful Mum) and bought some dresses to make me feel better and I had the most wonderful day. I did end up with some beautiful dresses but the day I spent with my Mum laughing and chatting and getting some lunch together after the appointment will be a cherished memory forever.

So what do you think? do you value self care in your family? Do you do things that are just  for yourself ? and if you could go on a date with yourself where would it be?

Bless you for reading

Love Leanna Ellena xxx


Tis the Season to be Jolly

Hello! and it’s a very wintry welcome to you from the Ellena household. We have really been feeling the season here this week having had snow for the first time since we moved to Frinton-on-sea, just under three years ago.

I don’t know about you? but I always think there is something a bit magical about snow, as it sparkles in the sun and makes everything ordinary look simple and  beautiful (even if only for a few hours or days) and for us it felt that extra bit lovely as we were be able to appreciate it from the comfort of our own home (and in our PJ’s.)

I was reminiscing the other day about when the children were at school and snow came along in all it’s beauty, but with it, also came it’s own set of unique problems. I remember not wanting to drive with the ice on the roads, so telling the kids we’d have to walk to school and I’d spend half the time re-enacting that well known scene from Bambi, skidding about all over the place and the other half telling the kids they had to stop playing and walk faster or we’d be late. There was always the hope that the school boiler might have packed up in the cooler conditions and we may be granted a much cherished ‘snow day’ but more often than not, despite the festive fun that beckoned out of the window, it was business as usual for the children.

For my family, this year, the whole festive period was certain to be a bit different. The kids came out of school in May so this was our first December as a home educating family. I was excited to have them all to myself for the whole season and I decided that I wanted it to be really special.

Being a practising Christian family, you could say Christmas itself is a pretty big deal in our home but I always felt a bit robbed in this season of Advent. The preparation time, the period of waiting for our saviour, it was often taken up with the long list of things going on at school, leaving me with burned out/ hyped up children only a few days before Christmas, at which point the fevers would peak and everyone would be full of cold, just in time for two days of manic present opening and severe over-eating.  Before I knew it, it was time to put away the Dec’s and they were back to school again. I don’t mean to groan but it all felt too rushed for my liking, I wasn’t sure my kids were even really understanding the true reasons behind this incredible celebration, and it certainly wasn’t the same as the romantic pictures I’d conjured up in my head about this time of year when I was just starting my family.

So with no school this year, I decided we would really try and honour this very special time, I would dedicate the whole of December to Advent meaning we would hopefully glide into Christmas in a more gentle manner rather than our previous years of “crash and burn!”  In November I told the kids that I wanted to make our very own Advent bucket list. We spent some time goggle-ing and browsing pinterest for ideas and came up with a whole list of different things we could do to mark the season, have some fun and prepare properly as a whole family for Christmas!

And I thought I’d share with you, what we came up with, so here is our list!


I’m not sure we’ll get through the whole lot but were sure gonna try. And it’s funny because all I was trying to do was have some fun as we prepare for Christmas but in the course of doing so I realised we had covered quite a few “subjects” if you like

We managed to do some Art, Performing Arts, R.E. Cookery, Business, Math’s and Budgeting, Writing, Problem Solving, Serving in our Community, English Literature, History and Science. If you asked my kids if they’ve done any work this December they would tell you no, if you asked me I would tell you they haven’t stopped!

So as this year draws to a close and I think about this journey of home ed we have embarked on, I would have to say that I’ve discovered that education really is in everything we do and every day we are blessed with. It can be found in the fun, hidden in the home or obtained in the outdoors. For us education is no longer just about subjects, it’s more about learning through life.

Wishing you and your families every blessing this Christmas

Love Leanna Ellena